Who is Nick?

I am a software developer, a husband, and a father.

I am passionate about helping people, and I love being able to use my talents to improve the lives of those around me.

I have a background in the medical field where I was going to school to be a nurse until a knee injury prevented me from continuing that career path.

More recently, I was a quality assurance laboratory technician at an aerospace manufaturing company.

I have always had an eye for finding errors. Whether it's a movie scene with a minor plot hole, or an article with the wrong their/there/they're, I am quick to point out these kinds of things. You might read this and think that I'm a glass half empty person, only seeing the bad in things...but I am the opposite. I see every error as an opportunity to make things better.

After taking a few free coding courses online, I knew I was hooked and had to learn more. Coding is the perfect balance between problem solving when bugs occur, and being creative and inventive. I have grown very passionate about it, and I am excited to use this new skill to impact the lives of others.